Danika Solé


Rising above the human dilemma.

Danika Solé

Danika was introduced to energy work and spirituality at the very beginning of her journey, by her mother who was a Reiki Master and published author on Near Death Experiences. Meditation, yoga, and spirit medicine were all woven early on into her consciousness.

In 2010, Danika received a BA in Psychology from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and from there entered into the field of psychology as a program counselor and meditation guide at an eating disorder recovery center. In feeling called to know more about herself and what drives fundamental happiness, she then gave up the comforts of what she knew, unplugged from society, and began her travels, both outward and inward. She sought, in particular, to better understand, on a personal level, how energy, intention, and mental peace play into a person’s source of contentment and well-being. What she found was the healing of energetic blockages as a catalyst for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing, well-being, and preservation. In essence, that which she’d known all along: Reiki/Energy medicine. What one might also consider, the midpoint between science and spirituality.

Now, years later and on the other side of many transformative experiences, she has found herself much more available to the present moment, clearer and more impactful in her own energetics, and deepyl rooted in inner peace – gifts she uses in service to others. As a Reiki Master, healer, and teacher, certified meditation guide, and RYT-200 yoga instructor, Danika uses her own healing journey, paired with her training and background in the healing arts, to affect positive change. She has been offering Reiki energy healing services, giving classes in meditation and yoga, and sharing talks on energy work and meditation in various locations along the West Coast and Hawai’i for over five years.

“Heal yourself, heal the world.”

Danika is currently based in Los Angeles, CA, but also offers distance Reiki sessions, and will travel to accommodate your healing needs or to fulfill group events/workshops or speaking engagements.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a session, please email withlovesole@yahoo.com or call (619) 889-5389. You can also find her on social media:


Instagram: @danikasole