Meditation Guide


Meditation is the key to a better world. It’s the catalyst for knowing yourself on a more fundamental level, and for stepping into who you are and why you’re here in a more impactful way. As an avid meditator and meditation guide, Danika creates and caters her guided meditations to meet your needs. Feeling like a joy meditation is what you need today? She has just that. Want a meditation to spark your creativity? She’s happy to provide that for you as well.

Danika Offers private, over-the-phone guided meditations, or in-person/group guided meditations. She can cater the meditation to align with what you feel you need, or can guide it herself, giving you something new each time.


Individual phone sessions start at $35 per 30-minute meditation, and can be packaged and worked into your schedule to give you as many personalized guided meditations as you’d like, each week.

Group Classes/Workshops or Corporate events/classes:

Please contact Danika directly to discuss your specific needs and for rates: