Reiki Certification

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Danika currently offers Reiki classes in the Southern California area. In her teachings, she strives to connect with each student to help facilitate the deep dive into their own healing and meditation practices. That way, every student is more able to cultivate her/his own unique healing style. Throughout your Reiki journey with Danika, she will support you as a guide and resource for your own personal Reiki journey, and throughout the process of awakening the healer within.

“In order to be a true and authentic Reiki healer, you must have seen the outstanding effects of Reiki on yourself, and how it changes and deepens you as a person. I find it important with my Reiki students to encourage them to devote to their own healing. That way, as a healer, they are both pouring from a full cup, and are a walking testament to the profound effects that Reiki will have on one’s life.” – Danika

For each level of Danika’s Reiki classes, you will receive a manual written by Danika, 4-5 hours of lecture, time to practice giving Reiki sessions, and an attunement – unlocking the Reiki potential within you.


Reiki I: $200

Reiki II: $300

Reiki Master: $600

For more information or for a free phone consultation to discuss starting your Reiki journey, please contact: