Reiki Healing Sessions


Energy medicine is the realigning of the energy body – the subtle being – which awakens the body to its own healing capabilities, restores harmony to the mind, body, and spirit, and renews the fullness of potential that every person possesses . It leaves people with a strong sense of inner peace and connectedness, a higher creative flow, and a stronger intuitive sense, which eases its way into the days and weeks that follow.

Danika uses a blend of Reiki energy healing, Sound/Vibration, and crystal healing, paired with her psychology background and the combined power of intention and intuition, to tailor her sessions unique to each person and their distinct needs. Danika’s lifelong practice has cultivated her ability to get deep into your energetic channels, clearing and holding space for true, sustainable healing to occur. Her clients have come to her for a variety of reasons, including the healing of illness, physical ailment, aid during the cancer process and to soften the side-effects of chemo, chakra balancing, creative restoration, pre and post natal needs, and for overall well-being.

All healing sessions begin with space to connect with Danika and to pour out anything that is ready to be released, by way of healing conversation. Then, while lying down, a guided meditation will ease you into a very relaxed, meditative space, and Danika will use a hands-on approach, as well as sound and crystals, to address any physical ailment, illness, or to simply adjust and balance the health and well-being of your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic systems.

Danika’s sessions include a guided meditation, a flush and realignment of the energetic systems, a calming of the mind and spirit, and space at the beginning and throughout the session, for whatever comes up, to come out. Danika also incorporates angel card readings and counseling, when time permits and/or upon request.

Danika offers Reiki & Sound healing sessions from her studio location in San Diego, CA:

2870 Fifth Ave

San Diego, CA 92103

she also sees clients in Los Angeles – office locations in both Studio City and Beverly Hills.


Reiki healing session: $150

+ Crystal Sound healing: $50

In-home reiki session: starting at $200

Distance reiki session: starting at $100

If you have questions or would like to schedule a session, please email or you can reach her on social media:

Instagram: @danikasole